Liam Neeson Talks Star Wars, the MCU, and the UFC

Liam Neeson Talks Star Wars, the MCU, and the UFC

What number of fucks does Liam Neeson give? As many fucks as there are steaks in his fridge and cigarettes in his mouth and eggs he hasn’t boiled correctly. Which is to say: zero. Zero fucks. If not giving any fucks was a face, Liam Neeson’s face is the face of giving no fucks. Lookup “giving fucks” within the dictionary and Liam Neeson is listed beneath antonyms. If … okay, you get the purpose.

Neeson seems this month in Marlowe, primarily based on the John Banville novel primarily based on the Raymond Chandler character. The film is Pure Grade Liam Neeson. It’s precisely what you anticipate.

Males’s Well being sat down with the zero-fucks actor to ask him about it. And have him reply some web questions.

What adopted was barely unhinged, if not completely anticipated.

We’ll let Neeson communicate for himself. Listed below are the very best moments.

Liam Neeson on the UFC (and Conor McGregor)

“UFC I can’t stand. That to me is sort of a bar struggle. I do know the practitioners are like, ‘no, you’re incorrect—the months of coaching we do …’ Why don’t you simply seize a beer bottle and hit the opposite man over the pinnacle? That’s the subsequent stage of the UFC. I hate it. … That little leprechaun Conor McGregor, he provides Eire a nasty identify. I do know he’s match, and I like him for that. However I can’t take it.”

Liam Neeson on Star Wars

“The lightsaber struggle in The Phantom Menace. Ewan McGregor and myself. I’ll inform you what we did the primary day we needed to take out lightsabers out. And Ewan and I did this at the very same time. We pulled out lightsabers out and went ‘dzhhhhhhewww.’ George Lucas stated, ‘You don’t should do the sound results; we put these in later.’ We felt like twats.”

Liam Neeson on His Weight loss program

“My weight loss plan. Effectively, I eat meals. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I miss cigarettes. I beloved cigarettes. I’ve been off them for 28 years. In the event you smoke, cease. Lifeless severe. … [I eat] vegetables and fruit. I gave up meat a yr in the past. I don’t actually miss it. And I ensure there’s all the time a potato on my plate. Being Irish. Potatoes get a nasty rap. It’s the butter. Potatoes are wholesome. They’re good, vitamin. They usually preserve my individuals in Eire alive!”

Liam Neeson on the ‘Abilities He Has Acquired’

“I tie superb fly-fishing knots. I can boil an egg. … Boil the water first. Introduce the egg on a spoon into the underside of the small saucepan. Begin the timer. Three minutes. If it’s a duck egg: 4 minutes. If it’s an ostrich egg: eight to 10 minutes.”

Liam Neeson on Showing in a Star Wars Spinoff


Liam Neeson Talks Star Wars, the MCU, and the UFC

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